Monday, June 6, 2011

Join Me!

I would love for you to actually join me for lunch, or yogurt, or a movie, but that is not what this is about! This is just as good though! is one of the most helpful websites I use. It allows individuals to share your computer desktop or control of it with another. Simply going to the website and choosing share or join - depending on your need, will get you started.

It has been a time saver at work. A teacher can call and share their desktop with me where I can see the problem and talk them through. If necessary, they can give me control where I can fix the problem or show them how - fantastic!! Also, another great use has been with family. If you have parents, siblings, or other family who need help, what an awesome way to help from the comfort of your recliner! To make this deal even sweeter, it is now available on mobile devices as well! gets two thumbs up from this techie!