Saturday, January 29, 2011

Read it Later

I love to read blogs! The problem I have is time, or lack of it. When I heard about Read it Later I was excited! Read it Later allows me to tag a site, blog, or online article to read later. What made it so exciting was that I can download an app to my phone that allows me to read it there also. So next time I am sitting in the doctor's office or the computer is being used by someone else, I can grab my phone and read!

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

You Know You are a Techy Teacher When . . .

According to some of my colleagues:
  • You look at your phone when someone asks you, "What time is it?"
  • Lights go out in the building and you keep teaching using your flashlight app on your phone.
  • You Facebook your To-Do lists so that you can access them later on in the day . . .
  • A Google Docs spreadsheet is shared with parents so they can sign up for volunteering
  • You grab your laptop and carry it with you during a fire drill
  • You need a sedative when your flash drive which contains your lesson plans breaks into pieces
  • You tap your dry erase board to change the page while using an overhead projector
  • Email signature contains your Twitter, Facebook, and blog info
What do you think? What makes a techie teacher? Please add your ideas by commenting!