Thursday, February 24, 2011


Do you have a binder for everything, and each binder has a place on a shelf?? I love organized people and I love organization, however, it is something that I continually have to work at. I want so badly to be one of those nice, neat organized people, and though my intentions are good - I suddenly find myself drowning in disorganization. Of course, then I try to get organized again and the cycle repeats itself! My poor binders end up with papers shoved into them instead of being inserted like they are supposed to be, and when I need one, I have to stop and reorganize it to find everything - thus defeating my purpose of being organized. Get the picture?

While attending the TCEA Conference in Austin, I was so excited when I walked into a workshop and all the material they were presenting on was organized in an online binder - that had been made available publicly - and it is free!!! LiveBinders offers a three ring binder experience on the web. They offer tabs to organize within each binder, and not just documents, you can store video, websites, and images in your binder! You can have multiple binders, and they are available anytime you need them with web access. Sharing your binders is very simple, 1) You can make them public and copyable or 2) keep them private to only a few using a key code you set up.

What are some ideas you have for using LiveBinders?? Here are a few ideas to get you started:
Group Work
Handouts for presentations
Assignments for students
Recipes - personal or for teachers
Add your suggestions in comments!

Here is a binder I am working on that will include Smart Resources for Teachers: