Thursday, September 13, 2012

QR Wonderful! (part 3)

Now that you have played with the QR Codes and have some experience creating them, let's look at some different forms of QR codes and some sites that will spice up your use of them!

QR voice
 Allows you to create a QR code that produces an audio clip of up to 100 characters in 40 languages. We have used them to make vocabulary activities. A couple of examples would be when introducing new words. Students each received a card with a code on it, scanned it, and then found and stood by the word on the wall that they felt represented the definition. Students then checked with each other to see if they agreed. Another teacher placed her codes on cards around the room: on the wall, under desk, sides of shelves and cabinets, creating a scavenger hunt for students to find and answer. Students absolutely loved it!

QR Stuff 

QR Codes in color!

QR Treasure Hunt Generator

Create a treasure hunt for your students or staff! I have used it as a professional development activity to spark an interest in the possibilities of using the codes in a class. Teachers loved it. They have lots of pre-made activities also that you can access. Be sure to preview the entire set before using.

QR Codes in Education - LiveBinder

LiveBinders are like three ring binders online where you can store websites, documents and many other items! Here is the link to a blog post I did on LiveBinders February, 2011.  The binder can be made public and shared with others, and someone has created a nice one on QR Codes that you can access! When you click on a tab you will see a page or an address you can access.

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