Monday, August 27, 2012

QR Wonderful! (part 2)

So excited this morning when a former teacher, now administrator, shared with me her use of a QR code in a handout for her parents! It linked them to the campus Facebook page where information is posted almost daily. Great use of the code! I would love for others to share ways you have used codes.

You know how to scan now, so how do you create your own codes? There are many ways. I will show you a couple of sources that I use.

I recommended the use of i-nigma as an app on your phone because it has been one of the best I have used, but I also love the website. It allows you to create your own QR codes for websites, text messages, and general information! There are others that do the same such as, and QR Code Generator. I think it all comes down to personal preference, so you may want to check out these others and see which one you like best.

You will notice the format in i-nigma is very easy. You choose whether you want your QR Code to take the scanner to a website link, an embed code, your contact details, or an SMS (text message).  I do prizes sometimes in my sessions and will have cards with QR Codes on them with "Winner", or a variety of  "You have a winning attitude, but you did not win a prize today!". Teachers love to scan and see if they win something. When I set it up this is what it looks like. I then right click on my code and save the image. If you give it a title, it will save the title within the image, so I usually don't give it a title and just name it when I save it.

This is what the person scanning the code sees on their phone!

Another way I create QR codes is using a Chrome extension. If you use Chrome as a browser, you simply go to your Chrome Web Store and search for QR Code Generator - there are dozens! If you use a URL shortener often then you might consider the URL Shortener. Not only does it provide a URL shortener but a QR code as well.
Those are the two most common ways I create codes! This week I want you to try creating two codes, one for a website and one for a message!  Feel free to share with me. You can email your codes to me at Only share if you don't mind my using it in my blog at some point possibly!

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